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Take a peek!

Some people think I’m weird, some people think I’m a freak. Whatever you think i am…The truth is it’s such a turn on for me when i’m on a porn set, waiting for my scene to start, and I’m hearing moaning from another room. I thought to myself. “I have to take a peek” so […]

Wet Panty

I have always told you that I get really horny in the morning.  This time, i want to show you proof of how wet my pussy is thinking of you jerking off to me at home. I masturbate every morning or sometime twice per day.  I reach under my pillow to get my favorite toy, […]

Sex on a Forklift!

Porn always give me great surprises and new experience! Having sex on a forklift at a construction company is one of them. I never thought I’d have sex outside on a forklift before.  In fact, i didn’t even know what was a forklift when they told me about the scenerio. The movie is called “Sex […]


After recovered from my cold last week, I wanted to start meeting new ppl again. By meeting new people, i mean finding new one-night-stand civilian couples lol.. Cruising through all swinger profiles for hot couples, found this couple.  Ok they look good! Then saw their profile stated “soft swap only”.   My first thought was […]