“Would you two like to come over for Asian dessert?”

My swinging adventure

It was simple! I have my go-to swinger couples that I play with when my schedule is cleared.  Because of the temporary industry shut down, I get so horny because I haven’t gotten cock for over one week.  I know one week doesn’t sound too long for some of you but I get spoiled with getting my tight pussy stretched out every other day.  So I went through my swinger lists and pictures; what city they live in? Does he has a big cock? Does she has a nice ass? Etc… Ah J&E is available that week.  He works in the military (one of my turn on) with a thick white cock and she is a hot brunette with a nice ass.  I sent the husband a message “would you two like to come over for Asian dessert tonight?”.  He responded with “Hi cutie, Id love to eat your Asian dessert and watch my wife kisses you” So its on! I reminded them to “don’t forget your wedding rings!” Few hours later, J&E were already at my front door. We catch up for a bit then I start showing off my toy collection and all the presents my fans bought me including a Hitachi which E seem to be very interested in. She never had a Hitachi used on her before.  Luckily, my fan, Stu, is so thoughtful.  He bought me an extra power setting for Hitachi so I can go as low or as high as I want.  I told E to lay down on the couch and open her legs. She’s a big squirter so I was bit afraid she might get shocked from the Hitachi.  I started low on her clit, hearing her moan while her husband, J, is undressing me. Slowly, I raised up the power and watch her cum, squirting all over the floor.  We then moved to my bed room where J fingers me with his ring finger so I can see his wedding ring.  It’s a big turn on for me because it’s so taboo and I’m not supposed to have sex with someone else’s husband.  J stacked up E and I on top of each other and we did a pyramid fuck.  He fucked his wife bareback then when it comes to my turn, I put on his magnum condom with my mouth and let him fuck me! He finished inside E with a big creampie while I bent over and lick the cum off E’s wet pussy. We fucked from 6pm-midnight.  J & E definitely got their Asian dessert and I woke up the next morning with several condom wrappers around me.

6 thoughts on ““Would you two like to come over for Asian dessert?”

  1. Stu Schwiebert says:

    Wow and Wow an awesome story Cindy!!! thanks again for including my gift to you again… a gift that keeps on giving…i feel included on the escapades even though i am not there physically…mentaly i’m right there enjoying them with you…Your No. 1 Fan Stu

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