About the Collection

About the Collection

Hi, I’m Cindy and welcome to my Starfall Collection! The place to be for all things ME! Below are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit and shop exclusively at my store:

About Me 

Born in Can Tho, I grew up in a strict, traditional Vietnamese household. At age 15 I migrated to the United States. The transition was not easy, but I am now fully fluent in English. I graduated with a BA in business marketing and had a comfy corporate job out of college. I quickly realized that was not for me and decided to pursue something completely different.

I wanted to make my own decisions, make my own money, and live life on my terms. The day I decided to join the adult industry was because of my love for sex and figured, “why not!?”. I want to love my body and feel confident just like any other girl! Shortly after getting started, God sent me a Hustler executive to help me get a centerfold in hustler magazine. This was the point where things really started to take off.

Thanks to my AMAZING fans, I was fortunate enough to be the only Vietnamese star nominated for AVN Best New Starlet. Over the course of my time in the business, I have been lucky enough to be recognized and win numerous others awards as well. I attribute these accomplishments to the fans who have shown so much support over the years. You are why I do it and are the reason I created this website. You are all STARS! 


Cindy Starfall

Awards and Nominations

  • 2013 FemDom “Mean Bitches Contest” Winner
  • 2013 Sex Awards “Hottest New Girl” Nominee
  • 2014 XBIZ “Best Scene-Gonzo” Nominee
  • 2014 AVN “Best New Starlet” Nominee
  • 2014 XBIZ “Best Scene-Gonzo” Nominee
  • 2014 AVN “Best New Starlet” Nominee
  • 2015 AVN “Favorite Female Pornstar” Nominee
  • 2015 XBiZ “Best Asian Themed movie of the year” Winner
  • 2016 NIGHMOVES “Best Adult Star Feature Dancer” Winner
  • 2016 AVN “Best Solo Tease Performance” Nominee
  • 2016 XBIZ “Best Parody release – Not the Interviewxxx”
  • 2017 Ed award “miss exotic dancer of the year” Nominee
  • 2017 Urban X award “Female Performer of the Year” Nominee
  • 2017 AVN “Social Media Star” Nominee
  • 2018 AVN “Best Body” Nominee
  • 2019 Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee

Press Articles

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