My first real lesbian experience











About 2 months ago, i still wonder what it’d be like to have sex with a real lesbian. I wonder if it’s more intense or soft.  I watch girl on girl action everyday but i want to experience something more real. Someone that is genuinely love girls! I really like girls but i was dying to experience a girl who only get turned on by females.

Luckily, Bangbros had given me a chance to work with a real lesbian, Mercedes Lynn in the series of “Party of Three”. I was so excited the moment i heard she never had a cock before and she’s not interested in any cock, only pussy permitted. I couldn’t wait to meet her. Mercedes, she just love to have a cock.  I think she would be down to get surgery done to have a penis lol.. She would often stick a realistic dildo inside her pant just to look like she got a cock.  When she walks, you can see clearly the cock sticking out her pant. I got on my knee and suck on her cock and looking up to a beautiful blonde girl.

The experience was way beyond my experience. It was intense, chemistry, playful! Everything i love about sex. Another reason why i love being porn because i get to explore new things that id never be able to on my own.


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  1. Stu Schwiebert says:

    Cindy i follow and have shared with Mercedes fun sexy talk on Twitter i will have to ask her about you…hehehe i like the “party of 3” series only have one atm but plan on getting more.. looks like one hella great time you had…

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