I found it funny that almost every time someone from out of state know that I’m from LA.  Their next question would be “Are you vegan?”  “NO!” Definitely not a vegan.  I understand the trend of not eating meat is on the rise in CA and I got nothing against vegetarians.  I just love MEAT! I’m a big foodie.  I’m not your typical porn star who doesn’t eat.  Someone who will be on a ridiculous unhealthy skinny diet and smoke cigarette all day to keep them skinny.  I believe in a healthy lifestyle but also live my life.  Almost the best way to turn me on is great sex and feed me please! Most of the time, I like to try out new recipes and cook at home.  Wish I know how to make Asian foods but the facts are Asian foods take a longgggggg time to cook.  I love to cook but only if the meals can be done under one hour.  People always joked when they see my lunch to work.  Yes I do bring my own lunch on a porn set for after sex to help me from eating fast foods.  You can see some of my meals below.  Bet I’m making you hungry huh.  Shh.. Sometimes I’m not all that good, I can be a bad girl too.   I do like to treat myself and go to restaurants on cheat days.  Some of my favorite restaurants are:

  • Red Robbins – yummy burgers and fries
  • Buca – big Italian meatballs just like the way I like it
  • Kabuki – raw fish sashimi is my favorite.
  • Marie Callender – apple pie is so juicy, sweet, and delicious.
  • Benihana – love watching the cooking show

What about you? Are you a foodie as me too? Any restaurant in your town that I should try?

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  1. Stu says:

    Hiyas Beautiful…i recognize the apple pie pic..hehehe You are always welcome to my gifts of apple pie for you. dang that reminds me i havent had dinner yet can i have some of your pie for dessert???

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