Sex on a Forklift!

Porn always give me great surprises and new experience!

Having sex on a forklift at a construction company is one of them.

I never thought I’d have sex outside on a forklift before.  In fact, i didn’t even know what was a forklift when they told me about the scenerio.

The movie is called “Sex on lunch” and i was honored to have sex with Derick Pierce. It was lot of chemistry going on between us which helps the scene script as me being the girlfriend bringing my boyfriend lunch for his break.  However, he got other idea in mind.

You can see from the picture that all we have is a blanket on the forklift and the sweat coming out from our bodies which makes the scene even hotter.

To all my construction workers fans, this movie is for you! 🙂 Pretend it’s me bring you lunch everyday and you decided to make a camera recording to show to your coworkers afterward.

2 thoughts on “Sex on a Forklift!

  1. Stu Schwiebert says:

    Cool Cindy i dont work at a construction site but have plenty of forklifts around… i will now smile when i see them at work…ps to be there and help the sweat come out while cuming in …wow ..this scenario will reverberate in me for awhile..thanks for the dream Cindy!! XOXO

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