10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

10 things you don’t know about me

1)      I’m a germophobic until you stuff my mouth with your cock

2)      Apple pie is my favorite dessert

3)      I fantasized of having sex with two real brothers

4)      Italian men drive me crazy

5)      I’m a nerdy pornstar with a Business Marketing degree from FIDM

6)      I got a mole in between my asshole and my pussy

7)      I walk my cat, BamBam, on a leash every morning

8)      I have trouble saying Chevrolet and Ralph’s with my accent.

9)      I don’t drink or smoke. I only addict to sex.

10)   I’m very ticklish, especially my feet, my thighs, my ears.

10 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Keefie says:

    love all those comments Cindy,,Especially number 6,,,,,,U need to watch out,,because those moles love to dig holes,or tunnel…So U might be getting fucked,and your pet mole might suddenly bite your studs cock,,or pop his head out of that cute pussy,,to find out what all the noise was,,,He might also be a bt pissed off,,with all that cum on his litttle brown head,,,lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,Merry christmas Cindy,,,Hope santa empties his sack all over you,,,mwahhh

  2. James Lavender says:

    I really think Asian women are very beautiful especially ticklish ones! I have seen the movie and all the time I’m looking at your feet I wish I could just tickle them I would love to hear you laugh always sexy Cindy Starfall

  3. Stu Schwiebert says:

    thanks for insight into your life Cindy…always fun to learn some more things about my beautiful fantasy girl..
    the ticklish places just adds to my fantasies..thank you again for taking the pic in my Chevrolet Cindy will always remember that day…that pic at the top is soooo sweet love the curls…;-)

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