Take a peek!

Some people think I’m weird, some people think I’m a freak. Whatever you think i am…The truth is it’s such a turn on for me when i’m on a porn set, waiting for my scene to start, and I’m hearing moaning from another room.

I thought to myself. “I have to take a peek” so i slowly, quietly take a look and see what’s happening.  She’s riding on him and as the camera angle closer to the action. I caught her glancing at me, looking at me and her eyes are telling me “watch me fuck, you know you want to join in: Watching a live porn is so hot! My pussy gets so wet hearing a girl’s moan.. Watching her losing control over her body and letting him taking control..Pure pleasure!

15 thoughts on “Take a peek!

  1. Ron Myers says:

    I love you Cindy. You are so awesome sweet heart you rock my world. Would love to rock yours. You know me my friend. Love you allways. Allways yours love you.

  2. [email protected] says:

    you are not a freak and nowhere near weird Cindy. as i’m sure hearing live sex going on draws you closer.. i can mentally see your nipples begin to harden. getting stiffer as you begin to get a vision of the action drawing you nearer.. as you can see and hear even better your juices start flowing and sneaking out of those wonderful labia lips. with your pantys getting wetter and wetter. when you hear and see her cuming it generates more wettness eminating from your pussy…to the point of running down your legs..i wish upon wishes i could clean up that for you..hehehe ;-P….thanks Cindy for that insight into your day on a set.;-)

  3. Jams says:

    Cindy you are the hottest star out there right now! No one goes from adorable to messy as hot as you do. Love the suggestive and fun thumbsucking in the photo, and its hot you do this in your scenes. Love to see more of this as tease in your shoots, during doggy and post cumshot. Hope you post more hot pics of your sucking your thumb for us soon!

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