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I thought my post-sex expression is funny so I wanted to share with you guys. One word: Exhausted!

Here’s how it happened: I was shooting a solo custom video for my client, Steve, with my pink Lelo vibrator. Since I always like random sex, I decided to seduce my photographer afterward because I needed a cock.  Because he isn’t in the industry, he was hesitated at first and kept telling me that he has a girlfriend.  Telling me he’s not available drove me even hornier because I love to get things that I cant get.  After all, it’s just sex for me.  I informed him that I’m a great secret keeper. I don’t kiss and tell! And he can still go back to his gf afterward.  We pretend that nothing has happened!  The more closer I get to him, the more aggressive I get.  I told him to talk nasty to me, telling me how he and Steve would both take advantage of me.  They can both take turn banging my tight pussy. Watching my photographer getting hard under his panty, I upzipped it and slipped on the condom on his cock with my mouth.  Gotta be safe! Then I told him to fuck me the way he wants to fuck his gf.  He did! Fucking me from behind at the edge of the bed; I ride up and down his hard cock in cowgirl and reverse cow girl position.  After 20 minutes, He told me “I wanted to cum” which is my favorite part of sex. I demanded to see the cum sprayed out from his cock so He pulled out and came on my stomach.  I watched and amazed at the white creamy cum coming out of his cock.  I scooped up the cum and taste it.

Then I don’t know what happened but supposedly he went to take a shower and found me knocked out in bed.  Exhausted! Great sex! Perfect one night stand!

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