Mile High Experience

I recently travel to NY. I usually don’t expect much on flight, definitely didn’t expect it would turn out the way it did, especially with a complete stranger.  As I was looking out the window, a cute gentleman sat down next to me.  Im not a shy girl so I don’t mind starting the conversation first.  We had some laugh then I started to get sleepy from my pills that I took.  Being a gentleman as he is, he said “you can borrow my shoulder to sleep on if you like”.  Of course I took him up to the offer.  When I rest my head on his manly shoulder, he reached over my side and put his right arm on my thighs.  I wasn’t able to sleep because the whole time I was thinking about how wet my pussy is getting. As he rubbed on my thigh, I reach out to his hand and led his hand under my blanket.  He was shocked and I was really horny so I didn’t care much about other people in the row. I led his hand under my blanket to my nipples and down to my wet pussy. He turned head to give me kisses on my lips.  We kiss as his finger is touching my wet clits and slowly he slided his finger into my dripping wet pussy.  Then I hear “I’m married”.  He is feeling guilty but Im still holding his finger hostage inside my pussy.  He continued to tell me “I’m married, did you hear me? I’m married”.  I said “I heard you, I just don’t care”.  Im not sure how guilty he felt because he still fingering me.  I looked over his side and he is having a huge hard-on.  I know that I have to do something with it.  First time, my blanket was more useful than I thought. I shared it with him then I grabbed his cock. Unbuckle his belt then reach my little hands into his pant.  OOO I got a feel of that hard cock! It’s so ready for me and I want to sit on it so badly. I jerked him off under the blanket while the plane is full of people.  He came inside my blanket and it felt soo good for me too! 45 minutes later, plane is landing! I knew I won’t see this guy again but it was the best flight experience I ever took!

Go mile high club!

4 thoughts on “Mile High Experience

  1. Stu Schwiebert says:

    wow Cindy fantastic story…but then being the horny lust vixen you are (I love it) it is no surprise hehehe …glad you had an Exciting flight…my fantasy meter just hit the top of the scale…will have to let the fantasy run wild tonight as i sleep…thank you for the sweet inspiration Cindy…Your No1 Fan..Stu

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