The dirty things i do on NYE

Hi lovers. What did u do to bring in the New Year?

Let me tell you my naughty story.  I decided to give my civilian swinger couple a call and soon you know i was already at their house. Husband invited me into the bedroom which i’m very well familiar with.  There she is! Mary has been waiting for me in her lingerie while her husband, Jim, is settling down to watch us.  Afterall, i do love having an audience even off work.  You can guess what happens next.  I strip our clothes down, kiss her neck while she grinding on me from behind. I licked her pussy slow and fast with my tongue, tasting her every drop of juice.    She then used the pink toy on me, make my clit vibrated (that’s my fav/weakest spot).  She finger me, one, two, three.  I’m moaning so loud, beggging for more fingers go into my tight and wet pussy.  Then i felt it, the orgasm point is coming up.  I told her to finger me faster, press the vibrator on my clit harder.  The moment came, i moan so loud, my pussy released all the wetness.  Looking over to Jim, he’s watching, rubbing, and enjoy the show.

It ended at 12:07am.  We all kissed each other.

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