Behind the scene – the making of “Starfall”

First of all, I just want to thank Jonnie Darkko and other stars in my movie for believing in me, push me further to take this movie to the dirtiest side. Then I want to thank all of my fans for your support for this movies.  I was excited and honored to have my own showcase in which I can show you what I can do. I remember telling Jonnie that I want to take as many cock as available.  I have done a gangbang before but it was only with 4 guys.   Both Jonnie and I agree that we want more than 4 so we made calls and came up with 8 guys.  I was so excited on each day I get on set. You can listen more to my interview from “Starfall” dvd

I wanted “Starfall” to have a variety of scenes to fit almost all genres: threesome, girl-girl, anal action, messy blowjob, POV, group sex. Because most showcase movies consist of lot of group scene, I find that it’s also important to add an intimate one boy-girl scene as well. Not all scenes need to have multiple men.

After sending Jonnie my “fuck list” (a narrow list of male talents I want to fuck). We decided that Mick Blue is the best performer. I always have chemistry with Mick Blue in every scene. He was very gentle and rough at the same time. He is the guy with magic finger that can make me squirt anytime he wants. He helps me to relax in a double vagina moment. No wonder he got AVN’s male performer of the year. Thanks Mick.

In addition to Mick, all of my other male talents were very impressive. (Jason Brown, Moe, DSnoop, Rob Piper, Gavin Kane,…). Great gentlemen (just the way I like them). They love fucking my throat but also make sure I’m ok. Thanks guys. You guys are the best!

Marica was a great trooper in this movie as well. The toy was so big in her asshole. I was afraid to push it in.  I needed to play an aggressive role for this scene and make her my sex doll. I romance her with kisses and step on her head, demanding her to such on toes while she’s getting fucked in the ass. She joked that “before this scene, I love Cindy. Now I don’t like her anymore” haha. ありがとうMarica!

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  1. Stu Schwiebert says:

    thanks for the many pics Cindy. I really like the one hholding the camera to your head with that super sexy outfit I got you!!! It makes this fan feel special that you chose to wear it in the movie 😉 looking forward to seeing the variety of scenes in Starfall. You are indeed the LustPrincess…8 dudes wow I bet with your enthusiasm and fire for raw sex. bet you wore them out. Anxious to see you dominate Marica.. you two always get the best out of each other 😉

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