Behind the making of “This Aint the Interview”

One night, my agent called “Cindy, are you ok with being in a very controversial movie “the interview”?”

I asked “Heck yea, I’d fuck Kim Jung Un” lol… I hung up the phone and i told myself “Damn now i REALLY have to watch this movie”

I didn’t want to watch it at first because i felt that it was a publicity stunt from Sony to raise the hype about the movie and to make us wanting to watch the “inappropriate” movie that even Korea doesnt want you to watch.  So i didn’t want to support it by watching it!  It was funny and my character is Sook.  However, my name changed into something even funnier than Sook

If you like my Asian accent, i have even a thicker Asian accent in this movie.  I didn’t have to practice much I just speak like how I first arrive in US.  I hope you enjoy this parody and i had a fun time being a part of it

2 thoughts on “Behind the making of “This Aint the Interview”

    • Brian Sams says:

      I can’t wait to see this movie! I wanted to fuck Sook when I saw The Interview, but I’d rather fuck you Cindy! You keep me cumming and cumming…

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