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Hello Club Starfall!

Becoming a club member will guarantee you a discreet access into my everyday world. You will get to watch my daily video clips when im on set and offset. You will be able to chat with me in real time. I want to get to know you more. Risk free! FREE 7 DAYS TRIALS are available only for NEW MEMBERS and not for returning member. It will automatically be added once you select “add to cart” button. Regardless which plan you choose,you can win prizes in my monthly spin on Starfall’s Naughty Wheel

How it works:

1. Select your desired package. 
2. Accept my email invitation to the VIP group!
3. Have fun! Get ready for all my naughtiness coming to you.
* For cancellation, please email cindystarfall@yahoo.com with Club Starfall Cancellation in your subject
* Terms of service are subject to change

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