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One night, my agent called “Cindy, are you ok with being in a very controversial movie “the interview”?”

I asked “Heck yea, I’d fuck Kim Jung Un” lol… I hung up the phone and i told myself “Damn now i REALLY have to watch this movie”

I didn’t want to watch it at first because i felt that it was a publicity stunt from Sony to raise the hype about the movie and to make us wanting to watch the “inappropriate” movie that even Korea doesnt want you to watch.  So i didn’t want to support it by watching it!  It was funny and my character is Sook.  However, my name changed into something even funnier than Sook

If you like my Asian accent, i have even a thicker Asian accent in this movie.  I didn’t have to practice much I just speak like how I first arrive in US.  I hope you enjoy this parody and i had a fun time being a part of it

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First of all, I just want to thank Jonnie Darkko and other stars in my movie for believing in me, push me further to take this movie to the dirtiest side. Then I want to thank all of my fans for your support for this movies.  I was excited and honored to have my own showcase in which I can show you what I can do. I remember telling Jonnie that I want to take as many cock as available.  I have done a gangbang before but it was only with 4 guys.   Both Jonnie and I agree that we want more than 4 so we made calls and came up with 8 guys.  I was so excited on each day I get on set. You can listen more to my interview from “Starfall” dvd

I wanted “Starfall” to have a variety of scenes to fit almost all genres: threesome, girl-girl, anal action, messy blowjob, POV, group sex. Because most showcase movies consist of lot of group scene, I find that it’s also important to add an intimate one boy-girl scene as well. Not all scenes need to have multiple men.

After sending Jonnie my “fuck list” (a narrow list of male talents I want to fuck). We decided that Mick Blue is the best performer. I always have chemistry with Mick Blue in every scene. He was very gentle and rough at the same time. He is the guy with magic finger that can make me squirt anytime he wants. He helps me to relax in a double vagina moment. No wonder he got AVN’s male performer of the year. Thanks Mick.

In addition to Mick, all of my other male talents were very impressive. (Jason Brown, Moe, DSnoop, Rob Piper, Gavin Kane,…). Great gentlemen (just the way I like them). They love fucking my throat but also make sure I’m ok. Thanks guys. You guys are the best!

Marica was a great trooper in this movie as well. The toy was so big in her asshole. I was afraid to push it in.  I needed to play an aggressive role for this scene and make her my sex doll. I romance her with kisses and step on her head, demanding her to such on toes while she’s getting fucked in the ass. She joked that “before this scene, I love Cindy. Now I don’t like her anymore” haha. ありがとうMarica!

Thank you everyone for coming to see me at AVN convention this year. I had so much fun meeting you all and play around with my partner in crime, Tia Kai. We love dressing up together. Let me know what you like to see me wear at convention next time. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here are some pictures to tease you and entice you to come next year.

Love you all!

I was very excited to visit my country after 10 years.  Because I grew up in a strict family, I couldn’t really go out when I used to live there.  After living in America, this time I see Vietnam from a different perspective.  I appreciate it more and I can see how hard people work just to put food on the table for their family.  Of course, nothing can prepare me for the 22 hours flight to Vietnam with my stop at South Korea.  Luckily, the flight attendants were soo cute in their uniform. I just wanted to have a mile high club party with all of them.

Because of my crazy schedule, I was only able to squeeze in 2 weeks of Vietnam vacation so I made it worth it.  I travelled the whole country from North to South. My trip was Ha noi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Cantho, Nha Trang. I did a lot of different things from hiking to pottery. I definitely squeezed in time to take some naked pictures for you.  If you’re looking for a great vacation and you don’t mind the long flight, 1 US dollars worth 21 dollars there so you will get your money worth it with lot of sexy girl hair cut salon and massage boom boom 😀


I recently travel to NY. I usually don’t expect much on flight, definitely didn’t expect it would turn out the way it did, especially with a complete stranger.  As I was looking out the window, a cute gentleman sat down next to me.  Im not a shy girl so I don’t mind starting the conversation first.  We had some laugh then I started to get sleepy from my pills that I took.  Being a gentleman as he is, he said “you can borrow my shoulder to sleep on if you like”.  Of course I took him up to the offer.  When I rest my head on his manly shoulder, he reached over my side and put his right arm on my thighs.  I wasn’t able to sleep because the whole time I was thinking about how wet my pussy is getting. As he rubbed on my thigh, I reach out to his hand and led his hand under my blanket.  He was shocked and I was really horny so I didn’t care much about other people in the row. I led his hand under my blanket to my nipples and down to my wet pussy. He turned head to give me kisses on my lips.  We kiss as his finger is touching my wet clits and slowly he slided his finger into my dripping wet pussy.  Then I hear “I’m married”.  He is feeling guilty but Im still holding his finger hostage inside my pussy.  He continued to tell me “I’m married, did you hear me? I’m married”.  I said “I heard you, I just don’t care”.  Im not sure how guilty he felt because he still fingering me.  I looked over his side and he is having a huge hard-on.  I know that I have to do something with it.  First time, my blanket was more useful than I thought. I shared it with him then I grabbed his cock. Unbuckle his belt then reach my little hands into his pant.  OOO I got a feel of that hard cock! It’s so ready for me and I want to sit on it so badly. I jerked him off under the blanket while the plane is full of people.  He came inside my blanket and it felt soo good for me too! 45 minutes later, plane is landing! I knew I won’t see this guy again but it was the best flight experience I ever took!

Go mile high club!


Happy July guys!

Here are some behind the scenes pictures for you.  I’m glad I came to US and let all of you American men take advantage of my body. I remember my pussy always get dripping wet everytime i see an American tourist in my town. I just want to sneak away and suck his cocks.  I just want to thank you for all you gentlemen out there. I enjoy meeting you and i hope you enjoy all my movies too.

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I found it funny that almost every time someone from out of state know that I’m from LA.  Their next question would be “Are you vegan?”  “NO!” Definitely not a vegan.  I understand the trend of not eating meat is on the rise in CA and I got nothing against vegetarians.  I just love MEAT! I’m a big foodie.  I’m not your typical porn star who doesn’t eat.  Someone who will be on a ridiculous unhealthy skinny diet and smoke cigarette all day to keep them skinny.  I believe in a healthy lifestyle but also live my life.  Almost the best way to turn me on is great sex and feed me please! Most of the time, I like to try out new recipes and cook at home.  Wish I know how to make Asian foods but the facts are Asian foods take a longgggggg time to cook.  I love to cook but only if the meals can be done under one hour.  People always joked when they see my lunch to work.  Yes I do bring my own lunch on a porn set for after sex to help me from eating fast foods.  You can see some of my meals below.  Bet I’m making you hungry huh.  Shh.. Sometimes I’m not all that good, I can be a bad girl too.   I do like to treat myself and go to restaurants on cheat days.  Some of my favorite restaurants are:

Red Robbins – yummy burgers and fries Buca – big Italian meatballs just like the way I like it Kabuki – raw fish sashimi is my favorite. Marie Callender – apple pie is so juicy, sweet, and delicious. Benihana – love watching the cooking show

What about you? Are you a foodie as me too? Any restaurant in your town that I should try? #gallery-6 { margin: auto; } #gallery-6 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 25%; } #gallery-6 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-6 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */

I want to share with you about my fun times in FL in convention. It was great meeting all my fans and your wife/girlfriend/fuck buddy! Thank you all for coming to see me. You can find me being handcuffed by Leyton Benton.  (Shh..Im still a proud badge bunny after all! :D)  Then i got to feel Sheridan Love’s big boobies.  Wow they are soooo huge and natural! I gotta be honest with you guys, I always prefer natural boobs more than the tight hard fake boobs. Yes those fake boobs look nice in clothes but not that much when you touch them. if you agree or don’t agree with me, feel free to leave a comment, would love to hear your thoughts At the end of the day at convention, check it out as i stuffed both of these girls’ mouth with a big hard cock! SUCK IT GIRLS!

If you’re interested in purchase my life size banners, click on this link

Hope you guys enjoy them! Im planning to go to Chicago event this year. Whos going?

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On a typical week, I work about 3 or 4 times per week on set.  I don’t often have a free day off because I will either be busy with shooting custom videos, editing, paperwork, promo works, and webcam appointment.  You might wonder what I like to do when I find free time.  Here you go, I want you to get to know me a bit more.

Unlike other pornstars, I’m not a party girl.  Off-camera, I prefer a relax day to recover or prepare for my next work day.  Everymorning, I wake up next to my favorite man, Bambam. After some cuddling, I get ready for my workout.  My new obsession is boxing so don’t mess with me. Lol…

After my hour workout, I usually take a bath with Epsom salt to detox my body and watch my hard nipple peaking up the water surface. Then I catch up with some work stuffs until my dinner date with my girls. I love trying out new restaurant so I usually invite my gfs to join me.  If you happen to see us together, come say hi!



10 things you don’t know about me

1)      I’m a germophobic until you stuff my mouth with your cock

2)      Apple pie is my favorite dessert

3)      I fantasized of having sex with two real brothers

4)      Italian men drive me crazy

5)      I’m a nerdy pornstar with a Business Marketing degree from FIDM

6)      I got a mole in between my asshole and my pussy

7)      I walk my cat, BamBam, on a leash every morning

8)      I have trouble saying Chevrolet and Ralph’s with my accent.

9)      I don’t drink or smoke. I only addict to sex.

10)   I’m very ticklish, especially my feet, my thighs, my ears.